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At Advanced Clean Air we specialise In Panasonic and Daikin because they are names they know they can trust. We have been installing Panasonic and Daikin air conditioners for years and we are your local Panasonic and Daikin specialists.

5-Year Warranty

At Advanced Clean Air we warrant the Daikin units we Install as well as being your local Panasonic Warranty Agents in Brisbane. All Panasonic and Daikin air conditioners come with a 5 year parts and labour warranty that we back up with our 5 year installation Guarantee!

Experienced Team

Our qualified team maintain a high quality of workmanship and are friendly and experienced installers. We specialise in Panasonic and Daikin and as such we know these systems like the back of our hands! Let our team look after your next installation project.

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Specialist Installation

Advanced Clean Air provides specialist air conditioner air conditioning installation services across Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Our processes, our team and a dedication to customer satisfaction is what makes Advanced Clean Air your air conditioning installation specialist of choice. We supply and Install Panasonic and Daikin so that our quality installation is backed by these quality products. We want your business In the years to come which is why our quoting team are at the ready to provide a competitive quote with a short turn around for you. If you are after a quote on a replacement split system you can answer some simple questions in a few short minutes and our team will have it back to you within one business day.

Alternatively you can book the time and date of a free quote online in real time so that one of our technicians can attend site and go through your installation needs.

Installation FAQ's

Advanced Clean Air are your local Panasonic and Daikin air conditioning specialists. As warranty agents for both we back up their 5 year parts and labour warranty with our own 5 year installation warranty.

Split system air conditioners are easy to install and are energy efficient. Combined with the flexibility of installing in just about any location they are also extremely quiet. Reverse cycle split systems are also a great choice for beating the heat in summer and the cold in winter.

Both Panasonic and Daikin energy saving options direct from their wireless remote. The Economy button will lower the load of the unit reducing energy consumption while trying to maintain your comfortable set point.

A general rule of thumb for a modern air conditioner is 10 years. Depending on the environment the unit serves, how much duty it under goes and if there is an active maintenance plan in place this time frame can vary.

We service all areas within the greater Brisbane region including Brisbane South, Brisbane East and Brisbane North.

To clean the filters on a split system unit you simply lift the front cover up and towards yourself to reveal the filters. These simply slide in and out and are washable. The more often you clean your filters the better condition the unit will remain in.

Depending on your location and what you already have in place within your home will determine what type of air conditioner you need. If you are in a more tropical environment with no need for heat than it would be a waste of money to install a reverse cycle split system. But if you lived in a house with no heating and it can get quite cold during winter then a reverse cycle air conditioner would be the perfect addition to your home.

Inverter Technology refers to the compressor within the outdoor component of your split system air conditioner. The two most common types of compressors are the fixed speed (non-inverter) compressor which are in the majority of older style R22 split systems. The fixed speed compressor will run at 100% of its capacity and will stop and start automatically to try and maintain the desired temperature constantly running at full load. An inverter compressor will vary its speed in order to maintain a consistent temperature while cutting your power bill down.

Advanced Clean Air supplies both Panasonic and Daikin air conditioners. For us here it is hard to decide on which is superior as both are built well, have a great reputation and deliver on first class warranties.

The ARC Tick is an accreditation given to businesses by the Australian Refrigeration Council, indicating that they are appropriately licenced and authorised to complete refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) works in Australia.

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