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Advanced Clean Air are your air conditioner repair experts. There are many determining factors on why an air conditioner may not be working properly or at all and we have some great tips to help you possibly save some money. (link to what to look for blog)

Our repair services are available for residential and commercial clients, and with our customers being our number one priority we keep you informed every step of the way. We have accounts with all major air conditioning brands and are able to supply replacement parts at competitive prices. With a wealth of knowledge of all brands of air conditioners our qualified technicians are at the ready to get you cool again.

We have a minimum charge of $176.00 which includes the call out and upto half an hour onsite. If extra time is required onsite we charge in 15 minute blocks of $33.00.

You can book the time and date of your repair appointment in under two minutes. 

Service or a Clean?

Your air conditioner may not require a repair but may be In need of an air conditioner clean. Our aircon cleaning team may be the best solution if the air coming out of your aircon is nice and cold, but just isn’t cooling the room down effectively.

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Repair FAQ's

Depending on the time of year if your air conditioner is not doing as it should there could be a number of reasons. If the air coming out of the unit is cooling (during summer) but the room isn’t getting down to temperature it most likely needs a clean and service. But if the air is not cool there could be a number of issues such as sensors / electronic control boards etc. One of our qualified technicians can diagnose any issue you may have with your air conditioner.

In the northern parts of Australia remote settings can play havoc on hot days. If you are wanting to remain cool on a hot day then set your remote control to the “cool” setting (not auto) and your desired fan speed (again not auto). The auto settings on the air conditioner remote control cycle the unit and sometimes you can feel like its perfect inside and 10 minutes later it is uncomfortable.

The obvious one is to check the filters. If they have not been cleaned for several months they could be completely blocked and not allowing any airflow allowing you to believe the air conditioner is not working properly. This could be a cheap simple fix so check this first. Secondly confirm your remote settings are correct and not on the auto settings. If you have lights flashing on the indoor unit and the air conditioner is not working it is giving you a fault code. Depending on the error code you may be able to retrieve the error from the remote or the number and type of flashing lights depending on brands. If you are able to get the error code it could save a second visit as the technician may be able to bring the required parts associated with your error on the initial call out so make sure you advise the company of what the error is as well as your model number.

Modern split systems have a life expectancy of around 10 years. If you are wanting to get a technician out remember that parts may no longer be available for your unit and you could be throwing money away by getting someone out to simply tell you the unit is too old and needs to be replaced anyway. Depending on the symptoms, if it is fairly obvious the unit requires significant repair we recommend replacing it at that age. By simply advising the staff over the phone of the symptoms and the age it could save you a call out.

The same thing that happens to your car – added wear and tear. If an air conditioner isn’t maintained properly it will not cool the area effectively. This means your air conditioner will over work and underperform while costing more on your pocket. It can also lead to breakdowns due to components wearing out. Cleaning your filter regularly (once or twice a month) and getting your air conditioners cleaned anually should avoid any issues caused by lack of maintenance.

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