Air Conditioner Installation FAQ

Advanced Clean Air are Brisbane’s air conditioning installation experts. As warranty agents for both we back up their 5 year parts and labour warranty with our own 5 year installation warranty.

Split system air conditioners are easy to install and are energy efficient. Combined with the flexibility of installing in just about any location they are also extremely quiet. Reverse cycle split systems are also a great choice for beating the heat in summer and the cold in winter.

Both Panasonic and Daikin energy saving options direct from their wireless remote. The Economy button will lower the load of the unit reducing energy consumption while trying to maintain your comfortable set point.

A general rule of thumb for a modern air conditioner is 10 years. Depending on the environment the unit serves, how much duty it under goes and if there is an active maintenance plan in place this time frame can vary.

We service all areas within the greater Brisbane region including Brisbane South, Brisbane East, Brisbane North and expanded to include air conditioner cleaning in Brisbane.

To clean the filters on a split system unit you simply lift the front cover up and towards yourself to reveal the filters. These simply slide in and out and are washable. The more often you clean your filters the better condition the unit will remain in.

Depending on your location and what you already have in place within your home will determine what type of air conditioner you need. If you are in a more tropical environment with no need for heat than it would be a waste of money to install a reverse cycle split system. But if you lived in a house with no heating and it can get quite cold during winter then a reverse cycle air conditioner would be the perfect addition to your home.

Inverter Technology refers to the compressor within the outdoor component of your split system air conditioner. The two most common types of compressors are the fixed speed (non-inverter) compressor which are in the majority of older style R22 split systems. The fixed speed compressor will run at 100% of its capacity and will stop and start automatically to try and maintain the desired temperature constantly running at full load. An inverter compressor will vary its speed in order to maintain a consistent temperature while cutting your power bill down.

Advanced Clean Air supplies both Panasonic and Daikin air conditioners. For us here it is hard to decide on which is superior as both are built well, have a great reputation and deliver on first class warranties.

The ARC Tick is an accreditation given to businesses by the Australian Refrigeration Council, indicating that they are appropriately licenced and authorised to complete refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) works in Australia.

Air Conditioner Cleaning FAQ

We recommend getting your air conditioner cleaned annually. If left sitting through the winter / dry season and the drainage isn’t sufficient, mould can thrive inside the drain even when the air-conditioner remains off.

Yes – Mould is commonly found in drain pans and along the plastic behind the scroll fan. If your air-conditioner has mould it can give off a musty smell and release tiny spores into the area it serves. If the mould is not properly cleaned, high levels of mould spores may be a risk to your health if you are sensitive.

There are two main reasons an air conditioner smells. If it is a “dirty sock” type smell it is generally caused by mould and bacterial build up inside the unit. If it is more of a “rotten egg” smell chances are you’ve got a dead animal within the unit such as a rodent or gecko.  

If the air coming out of the air conditioner is cold but the room is not it is generally caused by a build up on the coil and scroll fan. When the coil and scroll fan are blocked it can reduce airflow significantly. If the air coming out of the unit is not cold then there could be a number of issues and our qualified tradesman would diagnose the exact issue.

If the drain is has proper fall and the unit is leaking it is likely the unit is dirty and a blockage at the outlet (from indoor unit to drain line) is causing the leak. Another possibility is that when the condensate drain is not run correctly from installation you can end up with a dip in the drain which doesn’t allow for the gravity fed water to escape properly. Over time this can build up with a mouldy slime like film and block the drain causing it to leak.

It has been found that a clean air conditioning unit compared to a dirty unit can save upto 30% on running costs. Blocked indoor and outdoor units will cause your air conditioner to overwork and underperform so it is trying harder than normal while still providing poor results.

We service all area within the greater Brisbane region including Brisbane South, Brisbane East and Brisbane North.

If the air from the unit is cool but you feel like it just isn’t keeping up like it used to it is most likely due for a clean. If the unit is not cooling at all then it will require a repair.

Our unique Advanced Clean Air system allows for a mess free air conditioner clean and service in your home. Our technicians take pride in leaving your property as clean as they found it.

To keep your air conditioner running at it’s optimum and to decrease the time between air conditioner cleans we recommend cleaning your filters twice a month if it is a unit you use often.

Air Conditioner Repair FAQ

Depending on the time of year if your air conditioner is not doing as it should there could be a number of reasons. If the air coming out of the unit is cooling (during summer) but the room isn’t getting down to temperature it most likely needs a clean and service. But if the air is not cool there could be a number of issues such as sensors / electronic control boards etc. One of our qualified technicians can diagnose any issue you may have with your air conditioner.

In the northern parts of Australia remote settings can play havoc on hot days. If you are wanting to remain cool on a hot day then set your remote control to the “cool” setting (not auto) and your desired fan speed (again not auto). The auto settings on the air conditioner remote control cycle the unit and sometimes you can feel like its perfect inside and 10 minutes later it is uncomfortable.

The obvious one is to check the filters. If they have not been cleaned for several months they could be completely blocked and not allowing any airflow allowing you to believe the air conditioner is not working properly. This could be a cheap simple fix so check this first. Secondly confirm your remote settings are correct and not on the auto settings. If you have lights flashing on the indoor unit and the air conditioner is not working it is giving you a fault code. Depending on the error code you may be able to retrieve the error from the remote or the number and type of flashing lights depending on brands. If you are able to get the error code it could save a second visit as the technician may be able to bring the required parts associated with your error on the initial call out so make sure you advise the company of what the error is as well as your model number.

Modern split systems have a life expectancy of around 10 years. If you are wanting to get a technician out remember that parts may no longer be available for your unit and you could be throwing money away by getting someone out to simply tell you the unit is too old and needs to be replaced anyway. Depending on the symptoms, if it is fairly obvious the unit requires significant repair we recommend replacing it at that age. By simply advising the staff over the phone of the symptoms and the age it could save you a call out.

The same thing that happens to your car – added wear and tear. If an air conditioner isn’t maintained properly it will not cool the area effectively. This means your air conditioner will over work and underperform while costing more on your pocket. It can also lead to breakdowns due to components wearing out. Cleaning your filter regularly (once or twice a month) and getting your air conditioners cleaned anually should avoid any issues caused by lack of maintenance.

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