Top Air Conditioner Installation Mistakes To Avoid: By Experts

As we are heading towards a world where the temperature keeps rising every year, we tend to depend more on the air conditioner. With the summer on the next corner, there has been a high demand for air conditioner installations in Brisbane.

For most homes, air conditioners consume more than 70% of the total electricity bills. These numbers can go up in the summer. In fact, we will be able to see more new installations this summer.

This is where we came to our main topic of discussion. While we talked to some of our customers, we found that even after installing the air conditioners, the room temperature had hardly changed. While we investigated the whole scenario, we found that it was not properly insulated.

Seeing how people are still making mistakes with new air conditioner installation, we thought it is high time to educate our readers on the mistakes made during installation.

Common Air Conditioner Installation Mistakes

If you have just purchased a new air conditioner and are waiting for a professional to fix that for you, it is important to know about some of the errors you might make.

Here are a few common mistakes that most people make during air conditioner installations.

1. Wrong Size Unit

What is the first thing we see when we buy an air conditioner? Yes, it is the unit size. Depending on the size of the room, the unit of the air conditioner might change. Before you purchase an air conditioner, talk with a professional and get an estimation of the size unit.

If you do not select the right side of the air conditioner, you might experience insufficient cooling. This will reduce the lifespan of your air conditioner. For this reason, it is vital that you get hold of a professional who can give you the exact unit.

2. Wrong Placement

Just having an air conditioner in your room doesn’t mean that every corner of your room will get cool air. You need to ensure that it is placed correctly. Placement of the air conditioner is the second most prioritised thing at the time of air conditioner installation.

Try to put your AC in the shade but ensure that trees and other things do not block it. This will make your air conditioner more efficient.

Most people forget this little trick; while installing the air conditioner, ensure to tilt the AC backward. This improves the air drainage. Besides, doing so provides adequate ventilation.

3. Lacks Insulation

Insulation is the key, and everybody knows about it. Despite knowing this, people make mistakes and leave a hole in the insulated room. This leakage invites warm air from outside. This phenomenon restricts your room from reaching a saturation point. As a result, your electric bills spike ups.

After the air conditioner installation is completed, ensure that the room is insulated and there are no gaps from where external air can flow in. Furthermore, insufficient insulation can result in equipment failure, insufficient cooling, and increased workload on the air conditioner.

4. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality in the house can also reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. While we might not see, there are different elements in the air that result in indoor air contamination. Dusty air, mold, moisture, pollen, and uncleaned carpet are a few reasons for poor indoor air quality.

The presence of such unwanted things in the air significantly affects the performance of the air conditioner. In such cases, instead of continuing with air conditioner installation, contact professionals to help you out.

5. Selecting The Wrong Contractor

Installing aircon is a job that is best left to the professionals like Advanced Clean Air. Most of the installation problems arise after selecting the wrong contractor.

Most people look for cheap services that result in poor quality of work. If you have already spent a couple of hundred dollars for the air conditioner, paying a couple of bucks to the professional is no big deal.

In addition to that, it is worth noting that untrained AC professionals might even damage your air conditioner.

Final Thoughts

Air conditioning is the only way to escape from the scorching heat outside. Hence, it is important that you take the necessary measurements. This article discussed a few mistakes you need to avoid while installing an air conditioner.

These mistakes might seem minor in your eyes but will eventually become a bone stuck in your next when you start receiving high electricity bills.

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